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Outcomes Assessment

MCC values and encourages the systematic assessment and improvement of teaching and learning. The College’s faculty-led Outcomes Assessment Committee has coordinated the implementation of a college-wide program for the assessment of student learning. The Outcomes Assessment Committee has stated the following purposes for the assessment of student learning:

  • improving the teaching and learning process;
  • improving programs and courses;
  • providing accountability to the community; and
  • providing data for informed decision making.

Every degree program at the College has a Program Assessment Plan that guides program faculty in the collection of data to improve curricula, teaching methodologies, and delivery methods. This assessment program is a continuous improvement process to enhance student learning. As the implementation of the assessment program progresses throughout the College and as more data are available for improvements in the teaching and learning process, the ultimate benefactors are the students.

Students complete assessment activities as part of this important assessment process.