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On the following pages are course descriptions for credit courses offered by MCC. Each course can be identified by a lettered subject and a course number followed by the title and a series of numbers. Those courses with a zero as the first digit of the course number are designated as developmental and may not be used to fulfill degree requirements.


BIOS 1010 - Introduction to Biology

mouse  yinyang

5.0 - 3.0 - 6.0


course subject (BIOS)

course number (1010)

course title (Introduction to Biology)

course may be offered online (mouse)

course may be offered in hybrid format (yinyang)

lecture/classroom hours per week (5.0 -)

lab/clinical hours per week (- 3.0 -)

credit hours (- 6.0)


Prerequisites – A prerequisite - or its equivalent - must be met before a student can register for a course. A prerequisite may be a specific high school course, another MCC course, a demonstrated proficiency, or acceptance into a certain program. Students must meet the prerequisite in effect for the quarter in which they are taking the course. Prerequisites may be waived on the basis of proficiency testing and/or the recommendation of an appropriate faculty member or academic dean.

Corequisites – Corequisites are required program courses that must be taken simultaneously, a grouping of courses that must all be taken within the same quarter. In some cases, previous completion of the required course is acceptable.

Hybrid courses – A hybrid course is a coordinated approach to learning, using both online technology and classroom interaction with faculty and peers.  MCC hybrid courses meet face-to-face 50 percent of the traditional quarter's campus meetings; the other 50 percent of campus meeting time is replaced with online study and learning activities.