2014-2015 Catalog

MATH 1420 College Algebra

5.0 - 0.0 - 5.0


(1) Within one year prior to beginning the course, successful completion of MATH 1310 with a grade of C or better, placement via ACT, or MCC placement test

Course Description

This course covers advanced algebra topics that include rational expressions; solving quadratic, rational, radical, and polynomial equations; relations and functions; quadratic and polynomial functions; systems of equations and inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions; and matrices. NOTE: The prerequisites include grades of C or better in MATH 1420 and MATH 1430 for MATH 2410. The two courses can be taken in either order prior to enrolling in Calculus I; however, it is recommended that students enroll in MATH 1420 prior to enrolling in MATH 1430.