2015-2016 Catalog

A Place to Start


Are you new to MCC?
Would you like to explore career options?
Are you ready to dive right in and take some classes?
This list is a good place to start.

Every course on this list can be taken with no prerequisites or pre-tests.
Each course either gives you an introduction to a career path or counts toward general education requirements for most degrees.
While not required during your first quarter, visiting with an advisor can assist you in finding classes that best meet your needs.
Consider this a quick start - a way to enroll in classes without waiting.

Career-Oriented Courses



ACCT 1050  Bookkeeping
ACCT 1100  Accounting I


Architectural Design Technology
ARCH 1000  Appreciation of Architecture

ARCH 1100  Beginning AutoCAD


ARTS 1000  Introduction to the Visual Arts
ARTS 1010  Elementary Drawing

ARTS 1020  2-D Design 
ARTS 1050  Creative Careers


Auto Collision Technology

AUTB 1040  Auto Collision Repair Welding

AUTB 1100  Structural Repair I
AUTB 1200  Nonstructural Repair I


Automotive Technology

AUTT 1010  Introduction to Auto Service and Minor Repair 
AUTT 1210  Automotive Electricity and Electronics I


Business Management
BSAD 1000  Introduction to Business

BSAD 1100  Business Law I
BSAD 1250  Introduction to Not-for-Profit Management
BSAD 1600  Principles of Supervision
BSAD 2100  Principles of Management
ENTR 1050  Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Civil Engineering Technology
SCET 1000  Civil Engineering Fundamentals
SCET 1050  Building Construction

SCET 1070  Contracts and Specifications


Construction and Building Science

CNST 1000  Introduction to Building Construction

CNST 1050  Introduction to Carpentry

Criminal Justice 
CRIM 1010  Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM 1020  Introduction to Corrections

Culinary, Hospitality, Research, and Management

CHRM 1000  Career Orientation/Culinary Arts

CHRM 1020  Sanitation


Design, Interactivity, and Media Arts
DIMA 1110  Digital Design: Raster
DIMA 1120  Digital Design: Vector


Diesel Technology

DESL 1000  Diesel Preventive Maintenance


Early Childhood Education

ECED 1110  Infant and Toddler Development
ECED 1120  Preschool Child Development
ECED 1150  Introduction to Early Childhood Education


Electrical Technology
ELTR 1200  Basic Electricity


ENGR 1010  Introduction to Engineering Design 


FINA 1000  Financial Literacy

FINA 1100  Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance


Health Information Management Systems
HIMS 1111  Healthcare Careers

HIMS 1120  Medical Terminology I


Health Information Technology
HITP 1005  Introduction to Electronic Health Records

HITP 1010  Introduction to Health Information Technology


Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management
HLSM 1000  Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management Orientation


Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

HVAC 1000  Refrigeration Electrical Theory and Application

HVAC 1010  Refrigeration Service Principles and Basic Automatic Controls


Human Relations

HMRL 1010  Human Relations Skills

HMRL 1050  Leadership: Training and Skill Development

Human Services
HMSV 1010  Introduction to Human Services

Industrial and Commercial Trades
INCT 0900  Introduction to the Trades
INCT 1000  Industrial Safety and Health
INCT 1010  Introduction to the Trades II
INCT 1050  Mechanical Print Reading
INCT 1301  Home and Building Maintenance Carpentry

INCT 1500  Introduction to Distribution

INCT 2050  Problem Solving


Information Technology

INFO 1001  Information Systems and Literacy


INSU 1000  Principles of Health and Life Insurance
INSU 1100  Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance

Interior Design
INTD 1100  Illustration Techniques for Interiors
INTD 1310  Fundamentals of Textiles

Legal Studies

LAWS 1100  The Paralegal Profession
LAWS 1101  Introduction to Law


Mechanical Drafting Technology 
DRAF 1100  AutoCAD Fundamentals

DRAF 1300  Inventor Fundamentals


PHOT 1005  Basic Photography I – Digital


Precision Machine Technology

PRMA 1401  Machine Tool I


Process Operations Technology
PROT 1000  Introduction to Process and Power Operations

PROT 1010  Safety Topics for Process and Power Operations

PROT 1100  Process Instrumentation and Control

PROT 1110  Reading and Understanding Process Diagrams

PROT 1250  Basic Electricity for Power and Process

PROT 1302  Stationary Engineering I


Real Estate
REES 1000  Real Estate Principles

Social Work

SOWK 1010  Introduction to Social Work


THEA 1000  Introduction to the Theatre
THEA 2020  Fundamentals of Acting I


Video/Audio Communications Arts

PHOT 1500  Moving Image Lab

VACA 1010  Audio and Video Production Engineering
VACA 1020  Audio I


WELD 1000  Print Reading for Welders
WELD 1100  Industrial Cutting Processes
WELD 1200  Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) - Steel I 


General Education Courses



HUMS 1000  Humanities through the Arts
HUMS 1100  Classical Humanities

HUMS 1110  Origins of the Humanities 
MUSC 1010  Introduction to Music I 
MUSC 1020  Introduction to Music II 
MUSC 1050  Music Appreciation 
PHIL 1010  Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1030  Professional Ethics
PHIL 1100  Critical Reasoning



ARAB 1010  Introduction to Arabic

CHIN 1110  Beginning Chinese I
FREN 1010  Beginning French I

GERM 1010  Elementary German I

JAPN 1010  Beginning Japanese I

SPAN 1110  Elementary Spanish I


Reading and Learning Skills
RDLS 1150 College Vocabulary
RDLS 1200 College Success Strategies



BIOS 1010  Introduction to Biology
BIOS 1250  Environmental Biology
BIOS 1310  Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology 


Social Science 
GEOG 1010  Fundamentals of Geography
GEOG 1020  World Regional Geography
GEOG 1050  Introduction to Human Geography
GEOG 1210  Introduction to Physical Geology
HIST 1010  US History to 1877
HIST 1020  US History from 1865 to Present
HIST 1050  Introduction to Black History
HIST 1120  World Civilization from 1500 to Present
POLS 2050  American National Government
PSYC 1000  Psychology for Everyday Living
PSYC 1010  Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 1120  Human Growth and Development



SPCH 1110  Public Speaking
SPCH 1300  Interpersonal Communication

Workplace Skills
WORK 1230  Career Planning
WORK 1250  Learning Anxiety
WORK 1400  Employability Skills
WORK 1410  Secrets to Business Success
WORK 1420  Interpersonal Communication Skills for the Workplace