2015-2016 Catalog

Online Degrees and Certificates

Looking for instruction at times convenient to you? Online classes at MCC provide the flexibility of setting your own weekly schedule. Study and learn at times that fit into your busy life. Online courses are held during regular quarter starting dates: September, December, March and June. Dedicated faculty members provide quality instruction through this learning option.

Associate Degrees

Business Management Generalist (BGAAS)  

Business Transfer (BSTAA)    
Computer Technology Transfer: 

    Computer Science (CTSAS)   
    Information Assurance (CTIAS)   
    Management Information Systems (CTMAS)   
Criminal Justice: 
    Corrections (CJCNO)   
    Law Enforcement (CJLEO)

General Studies/Academic Transfer (GSAAS) 

Healthcare Information and Administration (HIAAS) 

Health Information Management Systems: 

    Healthcare Documentation Specialist II (HIML1) 
    Medical Coding and Billing (HIMC1)

    Medical Office Management (HIMO1)

Health Information Technology Professional (HITAS) 
Information Technology:

Data Center Management (ITDCO) 
Database Administration (ITDAO) 
Desktop Support Specialist (ITDSI) 
Programming for Database/Web (ITDWO) 
Server Administration (ITSAO) 
Web Development (ITWDO) 

Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer – Associate in Arts (LATAA) 

Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer – Associate in Science (LATAS) 

Office Technology:

Administrative Assistant (OTAAO)
Office Professional (OTOPO)

Versatilist Information Technology (VITAS)

Certificates of Achievement

Versatilist Information Technology – Computer Programming (VCPCE) 

Business Management:   

Financial Planning (BMPC1) 

Financial Studies (BMFCE)

Management Specialist (BMSCE)

 Information Technology Technician:

Data Center Technician (ITCCO)

Security Technician (ITSTO)

Server Technician (ITSRO)

Web Author (ITWCO)

Language Interpretation (LGICE)

Medical Office:

Healthcare Documentation Specialist I (MOLC2)

Medical Coding and Billing Assistant (MOCB1)

Medical Office Assistant (MOOA1)

Office Technology - Microcomputer Office Applications (OTMCE)

Career Certificates/Special Certifications

Financial Studies (BMFCC) 
General Management (BMGCC) 
Health Information Technology (HITSD) 
Immigration Laws, Policies, and Procedures (IPPCC)