2014-2015 Catalog

THEA 2986 Cooperative Study VI

0.0 - 14.5 - 4.0



Course Description

This course is the final course of a second-year apprenticeship, where students arrange to work in a specific area in a specific craft with a specific Journeyman Sponsor over the course of the academic year. During the course of the year, students produce a capstone portfolio and develop a significant capstone project in cooperation with professional staff that demonstrates the apprentice has accumulated the skills of the trade to such a degree that they may find entry-level employment in the trade. Capstone experiences may include general technician, costuming, box office and stage management, props, scenic painting, and electrics (either lighting/sound or both). Second-year apprentices are expected to work behind the scenes on shows as well as in shops to prepare shows for the stage. Students who successfully complete the apprenticeship course sequences receive an apprentice certificate.