2013-2014 Catalog


Transcript changes

Any students who believe there is an inaccuracy on their transcript must contact the Records office. The transcript is the final, accurate record of academic accomplishment.

Transcript retention

The official academic records (transcripts) for all MCC students are permanently retained by the College. Student financial aid records are retained for three years plus the current year.

Transcript requests

Transcript requests may be requested through the student portal (My Way) or via a link on http://www.mccneb.edu/academics/transcripts.asp. Students have the option of requesting an electronic transcript or a paper transcript. Students receive email updates regarding the status of their order and have the ability to track their request history online; however, the type of information varies depending on whether a paper or e-transcript is requested. 

There is a fee charged for transcripts. The current fee schedule and payment procedure can be found at http://www.mccneb.edu/academics/transcripts.asp

Electronic transcripts

Electronic transcripts (e-transcripts) are official transcripts that are submitted to a third party through a secured process. Each transcript is validated through a digital and certified signature by MCC. All e-transcripts are identical to a paper transcript; the only difference is the delivery method. The recipient’s email address is required to utilize this service. Students should make sure that the correct email address is obtained and verified with the recipient prior to submitting a request.

E-transcripts are processed within one to two business days (Monday-Friday; excluding days when the College is closed), provided there are no holds on the student's account. Students may submit an e-transcript request 24/7, but transcripts are not processed until the next business day. Additional processing time may be required after the end of the quarter.   

Additional documents may be attached to the request to be sent along with the e-transcript. 

Students who need a copy of their Omaha Tech transcripts cannot utilize this service as only paper transcripts are available.

Paper transcripts

Paper transcripts are official transcripts that are printed on security paper. The recipient’s postal address is required to utilize this service.

Paper transcripts are processed within five to seven business days; allow additional processing time during high volume periods (end/start of term, graduation, etc.).

Additional documents may be attached to the request to be sent along with the paper transcript. 

Note: Students who are no longer enrolled at MCC still have access to their network login and password; however, they MUST maintain the password requirements (changing it periodically). For user name or password assistance, students should contact the Help Desk at 402-457-2900. Students who were enrolled prior to 2001 do not have access to their MCC network login and password.

For additional information, contact the Records office at 402-457-2353.

In compliance with the U.S. Department of Education’s policy aimed at reducing the student loan default rate, current or former students who are in default on their student loans are not entitled to official transcripts of grades or course completions.