2013-2014 Catalog

Transfer Agreements

MCC works closely with many four-year institutions to develop agreements that assure smooth transfer of courses and degrees. There are four types of these articulation agreements:

Associate-to-Bachelor’s (A-to-B) Agreements

Associate-to-Bachelor’s Agreements provide for completion of an associate degree in the process of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Most, if not all, of the credits in the associate degree transfer to the four-year institution, often with the transfer student being awarded junior class standing. In order to take advantage of these agreements, students must complete the entire A-to-B curriculum and graduate from MCC.

Department/College-Based General Education Transfer Guides

General Education Transfer Guides list all of MCC’s courses that satisfy four-year schools’ general education requirements. Some institutions have an institution-wide general education requirement. Other institutions’ general education requirements vary depending upon the student’s department or major. The Department/College-Based General Education Transfer Guides list the specific general education courses required for a student’s intended major. Completing all of the general education courses that transfer to a specific department or college does not mean students graduate from MCC with an associate degree. Students can complete nearly one-half of a bachelor’s degree at MCC and successfully transfer those classes toward a four-year degree.

Program-Based Transfer Guides

Program-Based Transfer Guides list the courses that satisfy admission requirements to specialized programs such as health or engineering. These guides contain both general education and major course requirements.

Course-by-Course Transfer Guides

Course-by-Course Transfer Guides list MCC courses that transfer to four-year institutions by identifying equivalent courses at the four-year institution. The guides are very useful if students desire to take a specific course at MCC for transfer to a four-year institution. To use the Course-by-Course Transfer Guides effectively, students need to know their specific four-year degree course requirements in order to determine if an equivalent transfer course is available at MCC.

Visit www.mccneb.edu/articulation for specific transfer agreement information.