2018-2019 Catalog

LAWS 2985 Internship: Immigration Advocacy

0.0 - 18.0 - 4.5


(5) LAWS 1500 or LAWS 2327; LAWS 1501; LAWS 1503; LAWS 1505; and LAWS 1509 - must be completed prior to taking this course.

Course Description

The certificate in Immigration Law, Policy, and Procedure program internship may be taken when the student has completed 18.0 credit hours of the program requirements at MCC. The internship offers experience as well as educational and skill-enhancing opportunities. Students may perform the internship in a traditional public or private organization or a business where the student can apply the principles, procedures, and rules learned that relate to U.S. immigration law, policy, and procedure. Interns perform substantive work alongside individuals experienced in national security, visa categories, amnesty, legislation, employment, policy and economics. Interns acquire experience in immigration advocacy compliance, policy and procedure, and develop or build on marketable skills. The internship experience is recorded in an electronic portfolio submitted online and reviewed by the internship supervisor and faculty sponsor. Based on State guidelines, students must perform 40 hours of work for each 1.0 credit hour. Enrollment in the course does not qualify any person to engage in the practice of immigration law. This course is not intended for individuals enrolled in the paralegal program.