2018-2019 Catalog

HMSV 1160 Medical and Social Aspects of Addictions

4.5 - 0.0 - 4.5


(1) LMHP or PLMHP; or ENGL 1010 - must be completed prior to taking this course.

Pre Co Requisite

(1) PSYC 1010 (waived for those with LMHP or PLMHP) - must be taken either prior to or at the same time as this course.

Course Description

This course includes the study of the physiological, psychological, and sociological aspects of alcohol/drug use, abuse, and dependence. The classifications and basic pharmacology of drugs, basic physiology, and the effects of drug use on the systems of the human body and alcohol and drug tolerance along with the withdrawal symptoms per psychoactive drug dependency will be discussed.