2018-2019 Catalog


Many of the courses required to complete a major or to meet general education requirements have prerequisites. Course prerequisites comprise a course (or courses) or other criteria that must be completed prior to enrollment in that course. If a course has one or more prerequisites, they are noted under the course title in the course descriptions section.  (Note: Some prerequisites may have their own criteria that need to be completed.)

When enrolling in a course, the prerequisites for the current catalog year are the ones that must be met even though students are graduating under the provisions of an earlier catalog.

A limited number of courses also have corequisites that are required to be taken at the same time as the course described. Corequisites appear beneath the prerequisites. In some cases, previous completion of the required corequisite is acceptable and noted.

Certain courses, proficiencies, or conditions may be recommended for the student prior to or at the same time as enrollment in a course.  While these recommendations are suggested for student success in the course, they are not required.