2017-2018 Catalog

HIMS 2920 COC Exam Preparation

4.5 - 0.0 - 4.5


(1) Instructor approval - must be completed prior to taking this course.

Course Description

This review course is designed for coders who are interested in taking the American Academy of Professional Coders Certification-Hospital examination (COC). The student gains an in-depth look at the medical coding process by applying coding guidelines for hospital, outpatient, and physician practice services. Guidelines include ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding methodologies. A pass/fail grade is issued. Upon completion of this course, a date is set for students to take the five hour and forty minutes COC examination. To maintain accreditation as a COC, the American Academy of Professional Coders requires completion of 36 continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. To maintain double-core certification (CPC, COC), the AAPC requires 40 CEUs every two years. The COC exam may be re-taken yearly in lieu of submission of CEU credits for that year. A passing score must be obtained to fulfill the CEU requirement. All exams are required to be taken prior to the renewal date.