2017-2018 Catalog

Program requirements

The program requirements that students must meet to graduate with a certain degree or certificate are stipulated in the College catalog at mccneb.smartcatalogIQ.com. Catalog effective dates begin with the start of fall quarter and run through the end of the next summer quarter. Specifically:

  • The effective catalog year for students is determined by the quarter in which they first attend MCC, not the date of their enrollment or registration.
  • Students are held to the requirements in the catalog year in which they first attend unless they opt to meet the requirements in a later catalog in a year in which they attend.
  • All requirements must be completed within four years of the initial or chosen catalog year. Those not completing within four years must select a later catalog in a year in which they attended and meet the requirements listed in that catalog.

Final grades for those graduating must be verified in the system to be considered for graduation requirements. Students who are retaking courses that they are using to complete their program of study requirements must receive a final grade in those courses before they may be considered as having fulfilled graduation requirements. Students cannot be processed through the system until this occurs.

To graduate with honors, students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above in their program of study.