2016-2017 Catalog

Appeal Procedures

Students placed in denied status have the right to appeal. All appeals are reviewed by the Satisfactory Progress Committee. When reviewing appeals, the committee looks for mitigating circumstances (unusual or extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control that the student could not have planned for).

How to submit an appeal

To submit an appeal, follow these steps:

  1. Print a copy of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Appeal form from the Financial Aid Office website (forms section) or the MyWay portal (from the MyWay home page, select Financial, Financial Aid/Veterans Services, Forms).  
  2. Complete steps 1 through 4 on the appeal form, including an academic plan printed from your MyWay academic Student Planner.  You may need to request assistance from an academic advisor or counselor if you are not able to complete an academic plan using Student Planner. 
  3. Submit the completed appeal (appeal form, academic plan, written statement, supporting documentation) to any Financial Aid office.

Review of appeals

The Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Committee reviews appeals. Students are notified of the committee's decision on their appeal by official MCC email and in MyWay.

When an appeal is approved, aid is reinstated for the quarter the student requested in the appeal.  If the student does not attend during their reinstatement quarter, the reinstatement applies to the next quarter of enrollment, up to one year from the date the appeal was approved.  If the student re-enrolls after a year from the date of approval they must complete an Appeal Reinstatement Form along with an updated Academic Plan to reinstate their financial aid.