2016-2017 Catalog

INCT 2235 Programmable Logic Controllers Applications

9.0 - 0.0 - 9.0


(1) INCT 2232 with a grade of C or better - must be completed prior to taking this course.

RecommendedRecommended Prior

INCT 1050, INCT 2060, and INCT 2070 - recommended prior to taking this course, but not required.

Course Description

This course builds on the knowledge and skills learned in previous programmable logic controller courses. It covers programming analog devices and the integration and programming of operator interfaces, such as digital displays and touch screens. Students study and practice the creation of machine files and documentation as well as the process of working from the rules of operation and creating a program. The course challenges students to write a program, test and de-bug the program, and commission a machine into final operation.