2016-2017 Catalog

EMSP 1100 Emergency Medical Technician

10.0 - 6.0 - 12.0

Course Description

This Emergency Medical Technician course provides an introduction to Emergency Medical Care. Modules of training will include medical-legal, roles and responsibilities of the EMT, documentation and communication, human body anatomy and physiology of the major human systems, medical terminology, lifting and moving, airway management basic and advanced, patient assessment, medical and trauma, medical emergencies, treatment, and use of assisted medications and IV maintenance, bleeding control and shock, trauma emergencies, use of immobilization devices, obstetrical emergencies, childbirth, pediatrics and children emergencies, ambulance operations, hazardous materials, mass casualty, and triage. This course consists of 110 didactic hours, 55 hours of lab, and 15 hours of patient contact.