2016-2017 Catalog

AUTT 2981 On-the-Job Training/Work Experience

0.0 - 40.0 - 8.0


(8) AUTT 1010, AUTT 1210, and AUTT 1510 with minimum grades of C; completion of a minimum of 18.0 credits of AUTT coursework; 2.5 or higher GPA; instructor approval; an approved work site; and valid driver's license - must be completed prior to taking this course.

Course Description

The internship program provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge, learn new techniques, and get on-the-job training at an automotive dealer or independent garage. Individualized hands-on laboratory training utilizing live work is included in this course. NOTE: This course can be completed at the South Omaha Campus for those who qualify. An approved worksite includes any site where students have the potential to apply the skills learned in the AUTT 1010, AUTT 1210, and AUTT 1510 classes. Special consideration for other worksites is subject to instructor's approval. Students must also possess all tools on the internship tool list and an acceptable completion score on the S/P2 Safety Course for Mechanical Safety and Mechanical Pollution Prevention.