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Career-Oriented Courses


ACCT 1050 Bookkeeping

ACCT 1100 Accounting I

Architectural Design Technology

ARCH 1000 Appreciation of Architecture

ARCH 1100 Beginning AutoCAD


ARTS 1000 Introduction to the Visual Arts

ARTS 1010 Elementary Drawing

ARTS 1020 2-D Design

ARTS 1050 Creative Careers

Auto Collision Technology

AUTB 1040 Auto Collision Repair Welding

AUTB 1100 Structural Repair I

AUTB 1200 Nonstructural Repair I

Automotive Technology

AUTT 1010 Introduction to Auto Service and Minor Repair

AUTT 1210 Automotive Electricity and Electronics I

Business Management

BSAD 1000 Introduction to Business

BSAD 1100 Business Law I

BSAD 1250 Introduction to Not-for-Profit Management

BSAD 1600 Principles of Supervision

BSAD 2100 Principles of Management

ENTR 1050 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Civil Engineering Technology

SCET 1000 Civil Engineering Fundamentals

SCET 1050 Building Construction

SCET 1070 Contracts and Specifications

Construction and Building Science

CNST 1000 Introduction to Building Construction

CNST 1050 Introduction to Carpentry

Criminal Justice

CRIM 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRIM 1020 Introduction to Corrections

Culinary, Hospitality, Research, and Management

CHRM 1000 Career Orientation/Culinary Arts

CHRM 1020 Sanitation

Design, Interactivity, and Media Arts

DIMA 1110 Digital Design: Raster

DIMA 1120 Digital Design: Vector

Diesel Technology

DESL 1000 Diesel Preventive Maintenance

Early Childhood Education

ECED 1110 Infant and Toddler Development

ECED 1120 Preschool Child Development

ECED 1150 Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Electrical Technology

ELTR 1200 Basic Electricity


ENGR 1010 Introduction to Engineering Design


FINA 1000 Financial Literacy

FINA 1100 Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance

Health Information Management Systems

HIMS 1111 Healthcare Careers

HIMS 1120 Medical Terminology I

Health InformationTechnology

HITP 1005 Introduction to Electronic Health Records

HITP 1010 Introduction to Health Information Technology

Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management

HLSM 1000 Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management Orientation

Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration

HVAC 1000 Refrigeration Electrical Theory and Application

HVAC 1010 Refrigeration Service Principles and Basic Automatic Controls

Human Relations

HMRL 1010 Human Relations Skills

HMRL 1050 Leadership: Training and Skill Development

Human Services

HMSV 1010 Introduction to Human Services

Industrial and Commercial Trades

INCT 0900 Introduction to the Trades

INCT 1000 Industrial Safety and Health

INCT 1010 Introduction to the Trades II

INCT 1050 Mechanical Print Reading

INCT 1301 Home and Building Maintenance Carpentry

INCT 1500 Introduction to Distribution

INCT 2050 Problem Solving

Information Technology

INFO 1001 Information Systems and Literacy


INSU 1000 Principles of Health and Life Insurance

INSU 1100 Principles of Property and Casualty Insurance

Interior Design

INTD 1100 Illustration Techniques for Interiors

INTD 1310 Fundamentals of Textiles

Legal Studies

LAWS 1100 The Paralegal Profession

LAWS 1101 Introduction to Law

Mechanical Drafting Technology

DRAF 1100 AutoCAD Fundamentals

DRAF 1300 Inventor Fundamentals


PHOT 1005 Basic Photography I – Digital

Precision Machine Technology

PRMA 1401 Machine Tool I

Process Operations Technology

PROT 1000 Introduction to Process and Power Operations

PROT 1010 Safety Topics for Process and Power Operations

PROT 1100 Process Instrumentation and Control

PROT 1110 Reading and Understanding Process Diagrams

PROT 1250 Basic Electricity for Power and Process

PROT 1302 Stationary Engineering I

Real Estate

REES 1000 Real Estate Principles

Social Work

SOWK 1010 Introduction to Social Work


THEA 1000 Introduction to the Theatre

THEA 2020 Fundamentals of Acting I

Video/Audio Communications Arts

PHOT 1500 Moving Image Lab

VACA 1010 Audio and Video Production Engineering

VACA 1020 Audio I


WELD 1000 Print Reading for Welders

WELD 1100 Industrial Cutting Processes

WELD 1200 Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) - Steel I