2015-2016 Catalog

Student Conduct

“The choices we make reflect who we are.” College is a time for learning, inside and outside the classroom. MCC respects the rights of faculty to teach and students to learn. Maintenance of these rights requires classroom conditions that do not impede the learning process. Classroom behavior that seriously interferes with either the instructor’s ability to conduct the class or the ability of other students to profit from the instructional program is not tolerated. Each member of the campus community—instructors, staff, and students—contributes to the climate of MCC’s locations by:

  • respecting fellow students, staff, and faculty;
  • practicing honesty;
  • being tolerant of differences; and
  • demonstrating civility.

The Code of Conduct addresses two areas of behavior: academic and non-academic. Contact the appropriate academic dean regarding questions about academic misconduct; contact the campus dean or executive director regarding questions about non-academic/behavior misconduct. Violations of the academic and non-academic behavior Code of Conduct produce consequences and may include sanctions.