2015-2016 Catalog

Early Childhood Sign Language (ECSLD)

Award: Career certificate

Pathway to associate degree: General Studies (GSAAS) 

Program location: Fort Omaha Campus

This career certificate focuses on specific early childhood education content and demonstrates specific skills. It includes sign language courses that give students a basic background of the usage of sign language in the early childhood classroom.

Requirements for Early Childhood Sign Language career certificate (28.5 credit hrs.)

ECED 1060Observation, Assessment, and Guidance


ECED 1110Infant and Toddler DevelopmentONLINE


ECED 1120Preschool Child DevelopmentONLINE


ECED 1150Introduction to Early Childhood EducationONLINE


SLIS 1010American Sign Language I


SLIS 1150Introduction to the Deaf World


ECED 1060, ECED 1110, ECED 1120, ECED 1150: can be used to gain a Child Development Associate credential. Other on-the-job experience would be required. For the CDA, either ECED 1110 or ECED 1120 is required in addition to ECED 1060 and ECED 1150.