2015-2016 Catalog

Military/Veterans Services

The Military/Veterans Services office provides advisory services relating to educational benefits and periods of earned entitlement to VA-eligible students planning to enroll or already enrolled at MCC. Forms and applications needed by veterans eligible for educational benefits are available from the Military/Veterans Services office.

Veterans’ educational benefits

Due to the number of veteran educational programs, students should contact Military/Veterans Services for detailed information. In general, the following information applies:

  • In order to receive benefits, entitled students must be in a specific program of study and be eligible to receive benefits only for the courses required in that program. Students are required to attend all classes for which they are registered and maintain satisfactory academic progress. Eligible veterans normally receive a monthly check that may vary in amount since it is determined by class load.
  • If possible, new veteran students should apply for benefits 30-60 days prior to the start of the quarter they plan to attend; however, application can be made at any time during the quarter. Students who have attended other institutions must request that official transcripts of credit earned at the institution(s) be sent directly to the Records office for evaluation of prior credit into their current program of study. Certain veterans and veterans’ dependents may be eligible for additional benefits.

Veteran Work-Study program

Some veteran students qualify for the VA Work-Study program, which provides funds for part-time positions at various locations on campus serving veterans. Any questions should be directed to Military/Veterans Services.

Some restrictions apply to all VA educational programs. For more information, call Military/Veterans Services at 402-738-4619.

Support services

Services are provided for current military service members, veterans, and their families as they pursue their academic, career, and personal goals by:

  • providing military-specific academic advising and support services;
  • easing the transition from military to college life;
  • establishing connections to form a cooperative community of military/veteran students;
  • enhancing MCC’s awareness and appreciation of service members; and
  • equipping military/veteran students with knowledge of College and community resources.

For more information, contact MCCVets@mccneb.edu or call 402-738-4619.