2015-2016 Catalog

Selected grant/scholarship programs

Many scholarships are offered at MCC at various times during the year. Several are listed below.

Board of Governors Scholarship for graduating seniors

Seniors enrolled in public and private high schools in the four-county area can apply for a two-year, full-tuition scholarship.  Application information is available at the high schools. 

Board of Governors Scholarship for GED graduates

GED graduates from MCC and other adult education programs in MCC’s four-county service area are eligible to apply for a two-year, full-tuition scholarship each year.  

Board of Governors Tuition Grant

Recipients must have financial need based on their FAFSA data and be legal residents of Nebraska. This grant can only be used to pay tuition. Recipients are responsible for paying fees and any tuition not covered by the grant.

Many other scholarships are offered to MCC students based on financial need and require an official and valid electronic federal Student Aid Report (SAR) to be on file in the Financial Aid office. Students should complete the FAFSA each year after January 1 if they plan to apply for any scholarships. Students should contact the Financial Aid office or visit the MCC website on a regular basis to view the current scholarships.

Students are encouraged to inquire about and apply for scholarships offered by the Metropolitan Community College Foundation as well as scholarships offered by outside foundations. Visit www.mccneb.edu/scholarships for additional information on the application process and deadlines.