2015-2016 Catalog

Application Procedures

FAFSA on the Web:  www.fafsa.gov

2015-16 academic year:  Fall quarter 2015 through Summer quarter 2016

MCC's school code:  004432

Application process for 2015-16

  • Students must complete and submit the 2015-16 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at www.fafsa.gov.  Be sure to list MCC's school code (004432) on the FAFSA.     
  • After the federal processor sends MCC a copy of the processed FAFSA data, the Financial Aid office sends a letter to the student that identifies the document(s) that must be submitted to the Financial Aid office.  All required documents should be submitted as quickly as possible.
  • After a student's documents have been reviewed, the Financial Aid office determines whether the student is ready to be awarded or whether the Financial Aid office needs additional information from the student (the Financial Aid office contacts the student if additional information is required).
  • After a student has been awarded, an award letter is sent to the student via U.S. mail and the award data appears in My Way under their 2015-16 Financial Aid Self-Service.

Priority deadlines for completing and submitting the FAFSA


    Fall quarter          July 1
    Winter quarter      October 1
    Spring quarter      January 1
    Summer quarter   March 1




Free Application for Federal Student Aid

This application is used to apply for all types of federal, state, and institutional aid awarded by the College. Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA online (fafsa.gov). Students who are unable to complete a FAFSA online may complete a paper FAFSA and submit it to the Financial Aid office for processing. Once the FAFSA is processed by the U.S. Department of Education, a federal Student Aid Report (SAR) is sent to the student. An electronic Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR), which duplicates the information on the student’s SAR, is sent to the Financial Aid office. The ISIR must be processed and have a valid expected family contribution (EFC) before a student’s eligibility for any financial aid funds can be determined and an award issued.

Verification process

Some federal aid applicants are selected by the Department of Education for a process called verification. Verification requires that documentation be provided to verify the information submitted on the FAFSA.  Students are notified by U.S. mail of all documents needed to complete the verification process.  Any documentation requested by MCC must be provided within 14 days of receipt of the request or the student file may be inactivated. No financial aid disbursements can be made until the verification process is complete. Students may call the Financial Aid office to re-activate the file at any time during the current academic year once all documents are received.