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General Studies: Associate-to-Bachelor (A-to-B) agreements

Listed below are general studies degree transfer agreements developed with specific courses that transfer to a four-year institution. These are special agreements with the four-year institution, and all courses should be completed for maximum transfer. Completing an A-to-B Agreement does not guarantee admission into the four-year school.

Visit for complete course listings and requirements.

Some of the A-to-B Agreements were developed with students taking courses from more than two prefixes and are only acceptable in the designated option.

General studies transfer agreements

Four-year institution

Pre-Criminal Justice (PUCJO)

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Pre-Health Related Business (PSHBO)

Clarkson College

Pre-Secondary Education


Industrial Technology Endorsement (PSITO)

Industrial Technology Endorsement (ITAS1)


Wayne State College



University of Nebraska–Lincoln