2014-2015 Catalog

INFO 1211 Microsoft Word

4.5 - 0.0 - 4.5


(1) INFO 1001

Course Description

This course explores the features of Microsoft Word to create, design, and produce professional documents. It emphasizes character, paragraph, and document formatting. Students explore features such as tables, columns, labels, envelopes, outlines, styles, borders, shading, AutoFormat, AutoText, and templates. Students learn to enhance the visual display and clarity of documents by using various customizing and enhancement features. In addition, the course also covers working with multiple documents, using basic file management techniques, inserting graphic elements, footnotes, cross-references, fill-in forms, and exploring the development of Web pages. Students must receive a C or better in this course to enroll in the Office Professional Capstone course. (Formerly INFO 1210 Microsoft Word I and INFO 1220 Microsoft Word II)