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Solicitation and Distribution of Literature

The College forbids the solicitation of students, employees, visitors, and guests on College property for the sale of goods and services, religious or charitable purposes, or any other activity not officially sanctioned by the College without the prior consent of the president or designee.

The College reserves the right to limit the time, place, and manner of solicitation on College property for any purpose and by any individual or group to reasonable times, places, and methods that do not interfere with the educational or student activities of the College; the safe and unobstructed movement of students, employees, visitors, and guests of the College; the safety of all individuals on College property; and promotion of the cleanliness and preservation of College grounds and facilities.

The College prohibits the placement of any kind of flier or other kind of paper, sticker, pamphlet, or other solicitous information, whether for-profit or not, on any vehicles or anywhere else on College property at any time. College organizations wishing to post announcements on approved College bulletin boards must seek prior permission of the campus dean, executive director, or their designees.