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Program Changes

While every possible step has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the catalog, sometimes minor changes must be made throughout the year that are in the interest of the students or the College. These are the program updates and changes made online after the publication of the 2014-2015 catalog.



ARTS 2110 Intermediate Drawing was missing from the list of electives from which to select 18.0 credit hours and has been added.   

Medical Assisting (MDACE)

WORK 1400 (1 credit hour) was missing from the list of major requirements and has been added.  Total of 70 major requirement credit hours is correct.

Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management (HLAAS and option degrees)

ENTR 1050 was missing from the list of major requirements and has been added so major requirements now total 41.5 credit hours.   This caused changes in the total degree hours for all options.  Credit hours for all options have been corrected online.    

Legal Studies (LSAAO and LSPLO options)

Incorrect course number was entered in the second quarter of the curriculum plans.  Should read POLS 2050 OR POLS 2060 instead of POLS 2060 OR POLS 2070

Design, Interactivity, and Media Arts - Media Generalist (DIMGO)

The Tier II Required Concentration has the incorrect number of hours, it should be 45.0 instead of 40.5.  Because of this error, the elective hours had to be reduced from 13.5 to 9.0 so the degree did not exceed the 110 hour limit for an associate degree.  Additionally, DIMA 1230 was listed in both Tier II and Tier III and it should only appear in the Tier II listing.