2019-2020 Catalog

Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer (LATAA) - associate in arts

Award: Associate in arts degree

Program location: Elkhorn Valley Campus, Fort Omaha Campus, South Omaha Campus

This degree strengthens foundation skills, provides broad understanding, and develops thinking skills as students prepare for advanced sequences of courses at four-year institutions. Each transfer institution publishes requirements for admission, general education, and major concentration areas. Students should consult the catalog of the transfer institution of their choice. This degree can be completed online by selecting courses with the online course designation.

Graduation Requirements

General education 27.0
Major requirements 69.0
Total credit hours required 96.0

General education requirements (27.0 credit hrs.)


ENGL 1010English Composition IONLINEHYBRID


ENGL 1020English Composition IIONLINEHYBRID


SPCH 1110Public SpeakingONLINEHYBRID


Quantitative/numeracy skills

MATH 1315College AlgebraONLINE


Take MATH 1315 or higher level MATH course.  For students planning to transfer to UNL, MATH 1410 Statistics is recommended.  

Professionalism and Life Skills

HMRL 1010Human Relations SkillsONLINEHYBRID


INFO 1001Information Systems and LiteracyONLINEHYBRID


Major requirements for Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer (69.0 credit hours)

Students should select courses from each of the following categories to meet the required credit hours. A total of 36.0 credits must be taken in the social sciences and humanities categories combined in order to receive the Associate in Arts degree. Students should consult with an advisor or counselor to select courses that best meet their transfer needs.

Students may not use the same course to satisfy more than one degree requirement.

Quantitative/numeracy skills or major-related

Select 4.5 credit hours from the mathematics courses listed in transfer course options that meet a requirement for your chosen major.  Refer to the transfer guide for the specific transfer program and college.  If no additional math is required, select another major requirement.

Social sciences/Humanities

Select a total of 36.0 credit hours combined from the social sciences and humanities transfer course options. Note that students must take a minimum of 9.0 credit hours in both social sciences and in humanities; the remaining 18.0 credit hours can be any combination of transfer courses listed in transfer course options.

Natural sciences

Select 12.0 credit hours from the natural sciences courses listed in transfer course options.  At least one course should include a lab.

Cultural studies

Select 4.5 credit hours from the cultural studies courses listed in transfer course options.


Select 12.0 credit hours. Elective credits may be selected from courses throughout the catalog, but students are strongly advised to consult with the four-year college to which they plan to transfer when choosing particular courses. The degree plan to be followed at a four-year institution should also be followed where possible in choosing elective courses at MCC.

Additional transfer information is available in Student Services or by visiting https://www.mccneb.edu/Prospective-Students/Transfer-Students/Articulation.aspx . Counselors and advisors are available to provide assistance with the selection of MCC courses that transfer to area four-year institutions.