2019-2020 Catalog

Professional Health Studies – Medical Assisting (PHSMO)

Award: Associate in applied science degree

Program location: South Omaha Campus

This option allows expansion of graduates’ roles in medical assisting to include supervisory, leadership, and managerial roles and positions. It provides the opportunity and a pathway for lifelong learning as well as to pursue advanced degrees and grow professionally in a variety of healthcare careers.

Graduation Requirements

Completed certificate  89.5
General education  13.5 
Total credit hours required  103.0 

General education requirements (27.0 credit hrs.)


ENGL 1010English Composition IONLINEHYBRID


ENGL 1020English Composition IIONLINEHYBRID


Social sciences

Social sciences


PSYC 1120 is recommended

Quantitative/numeracy skills

MATH 1315College AlgebraONLINE


Professionalism and Life Skills

INFO 1001Information Systems and LiteracyONLINEHYBRID


RDLS 1200College and Career StrategiesONLINE



HMRL 1010Human Relations SkillsONLINEHYBRID


*Several general education requirements may have been previously met in the certificate program.

Option requirements for Medical Assisting track (13.5 credit hrs.)

Students who successfully complete the Medical Assisting certificate can earn the Professional Health Studies degree by fulfilling the additional 13.5 credit hours of general education requirements.  Note that not all courses in the degree may transfer.