2019-2020 Catalog

Masonry and Concrete Construction (CMCSD)

Award: Career certificate

Pathway to associate degree:  General Studies (GSAAS)

Program location: Fort Omaha Campus

This career certificate supplies students with knowledge and skills to begin a career in masonry as well as supplies seasoned masons with advanced skills. Included are materials and testing, bonding and layout, advanced arch work, and a 30-hour OSHA construction safety certification.

For more information about educational cost, median loan debt, and other important information related to this program, please visit our website at mccneb.edu/Academics/Programs-of-Study/Construction-Education/Construction-And-Building-Science.aspx.

Requirements for Masonry and Concrete career certificate (27.0 credit hrs.)

CNST 1050Introduction to Carpentry


CNST 1110Construction Safety (10-Hour)


CNST 1400Introduction to Masonry


CNST 1510Introduction to Concrete and Wall Forms


WELD 1100Industrial Cutting Processes


WELD 1500Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick) - Flat