2018-2019 Catalog

Refund Policies

Credit courses

An official schedule change that reduces or terminates a student’s credit load may entitle the student to a refund. The eligibility and amount of a refund is automatically calculated by the date of the withdrawal.

Refunds vary based on the start date of the course and the date that the class is dropped. Please check the important dates link in the credit class schedule (mcccatalog.mccneb.edu/Pages/Home.aspx) to see the last day that you can drop your class (mccneb.edu/Prospective-Students/Tuition-Financial-Assistance/Tuition/Last-Date-To-Drop-with-No-Charge-Instructions.aspx) without a charge.

MCC's refund policy is a full refund until 2/11th of the course sections have met. Students also do not receive a withdraw (W) on their transcript through this time period.

After 2/11th of the sections have met, no refund is given and a withdraw (W) from the course is reflected on their transcript.

Students may view MCC's contract with Bank Mobile, a Division of Customer Bank, at vibeaccount.com/swc/doc/landing/f6i1tb6ory8uefwa00go

Students who feel individual circumstances warrant exceptions from this policy may file a records action appeal. Instructions for this appeal are online at mccneb.edu/Prospective-Students/Resources/Records/Student-Record-Appeal-Process-(SRA).aspx

Students are responsible for dropping the course(s) if unable to attend. Non-attendance does not relieve students from the obligation to pay.