2016-2017 Catalog

Academic standards and alert system

To encourage satisfactory progress throughout quarters of enrollment, the College’s academic progress policy establishes specific standards that must be met by all students enrolled in credit courses at MCC. If students are not making academic progress, the College may limit enrollment and course selection, if considered necessary. If students are on probation after an academic suspension or dismissal, the College may establish other special conditions under which the students may again enroll, including regular meetings with advocacy counselors and academic advisors, enrollment in developmental courses, participation in career development activities, and completion of assessment tests.

Note: Students receiving financial aid must also comply with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Statuses.

Minimum requirements for good academic standing
Attempted graded courses (credit hours) Minimum cumulative GPA
1.0–29.5 1.50
30.0–79.5 1.75
80.0+ 2.00

Academic good standing: meeting minimum GPA for credit hours completed. Intervention: None

Academic probation: not meeting minimum GPA for credit hours completed. Intervention: Registration holds are placed on students’ records. Students on probation must complete an online probation workshop prior to future registration. Students on probation for more than one quarter are required to meet with an academic advisor or advocacy/DSS counselor for registration. While on probation, students may have limits placed on the number of credit hours of enrollment and/or course selection.

Academic suspension: students on probation who do not earn a GPA of at least 2.00 in their next quarter of enrollment. Intervention: Students are placed on academic suspension. Students on academic suspension are denied enrollment for a period of one quarter and must apply for readmission and observation status.

Academic observation: status when students return after suspension or dismissal. Intervention: Registration holds are placed on students’ records. Students desiring to enroll after suspension or dismissal are required to meet with an advocacy or DSS counselor and request re-admission.  If the request is granted, the advocacy or DSS counselor places the student in academic observation status. While on academic observation status the student is expected to work with the advocacy or DSS counselor for subsequent enrollment until they have returned to good standing. The counselor is authorized to impose reasonable restrictions on students’ subsequent enrollment.

If students earn less than a 2.00 GPA for credits completed while in academic observation status, they are placed on academic dismissal.  Students meeting the cumulative GPA requirement for good standing are not suspended or dismissed under this policy.

Academic dismissal: Dismissal may be permanent. The College reserves the right to deny enrollment to students on academic dismissal. Intervention: Registration holds are placed on students’ records. Students on academic dismissal are not allowed to register or attend credit classes for one year. After an absence of one year, students on dismissal may petition for re-admission through an advocacy or DSS counselor.