2014-2015 Catalog

SNRG 1220 Solar Electric Systems Design

4.5 - 0.0 - 4.5



Course Description

This course provides a working knowledge of solar electric systems (also called photovoltaics or PV). Topics include on-grid and off-grid systems, overall design fundamentals (including power load calculations, inverter selection, disconnects, wiring for grid intertie, charge controller technology, battery types and sizing, storage, and wiring for stand-alone), and related concepts. The class meets the needs of residential and light commercial applications. Installation training is in three separate seminars of 1.5 hours each (SNRG 1231, SNRG 1232, and SNRG 1233). Activities include module siting, installation and safety, on-grid wiring and safety, and off-grid wiring, battery operation, and safety.