2014-2015 Catalog

CRIM 2960 Internship



(3) Completion of at least 30.0 quarter hours within the program; 3.0 GPA; and instructor approval

Course Description

The internship is a legal agreement between the College and public or private criminal justice agencies to provide hands-on training for students. Students, the job site supervisor, a faculty monitor, and the academic dean agree to written goals and objectives as well as evaluation criteria. The Criminal Justice program faculty are responsible for providing a list of criminal justice agencies that accept students for internship positions during the academic program year. All initial internship program arrangements between the intern, the College, and the criminal justice agency are coordinated by the criminal justice faculty. Should students elect to use their own jobs as intern sites, they must perform and be evaluated at positions to which they are not regularly assigned. Based on state guidelines, students must complete 40 hours of work for each credit hour.