2013-2014 Catalog

Social Sciences

Who We Are

The Social Science department includes Early Childhood Education, Education, Geography, History, Human Relations, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.

Our Mission Statement 

The mission of the social science department is to provide quality learning experiences that lead to understanding how each of us shapes, and is shaped by, our culture and society. Social science students will recognize and understand the obligation to engage in ethical, responsible, and legal behaviors. This is accomplished primarily through courses of study dedicated to teaching:

  • The influence of history, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology on individuals and society
  • The ability to distinguish opinion from facts
  • The ability to recognize social biases
  • The definition and necessity of social responsibility
  • The value of diversity
  • The development of social awareness

Our Programs 

Early Childhood Educator (ECAS1)

Early Childhood Educator – Assistant (ECTC1)

Early Childhood Generalist (ECGSD)

Early Childhood Spanish (ECSSD)

Early Childhood Sign Language (ECSLD)

Early Childhood Family/Group Home Specialist (ECGHD)

Transfer Degree Options

Associate in arts degree:  Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer (LATAA)

Associate in general studies:  General Studies (GSAAS)