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Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management

This program prepares students for careers in the vast industries of horticulture and land systems. Studies include production, design, handling, sales, harvesting, packaging, shipping, management, and maintenance depending upon the option of study.

Degree: Associate in Applied Science

These programs prepare students for careers in nursery or landscaping businesses by focusing on production, handling, sales, selection, entrepreneurship, and maintenance of materials and products.


This option focuses on the production, handling, sale, and use of greenhouse crops, flower crops, bedding crops, and foliage plants.

Grounds Management

This option focuses on the care, identification, installation and maintenance of plants and hardscapes.

Horticulture Management

This option focuses on the management of production, handling, sale, and care of plants.

Landscape Design (Pre-Landscape Architecture)

This option focuses on design and the use of technology in relation to the land.

Small Market Farming

This option focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to run a small market farm.

Certificate of Achievement:


This certificate of achievement provides students the opportunity to move quickly into the industry and begin working at an entry level.

Career Certificate:



Landscape Design

Nursery and Landscape Management

Plant Production and Propagation

Small Market Farming