2013-2014 Catalog

AUTT 1010 Introduction to Auto Service and Minor Repair

3.0 - 9.0 - 6.0

Course Description

This beginning class deals with many of the basic elements of the auto repair trade. Items covered are safety, chemicals, fasteners, micrometers, tires, lubrication, hoses, thermostats, bulb replacement, fluid changes, accessory drive belts, power steering flush equipment, cooling system flush equipment, transmission flush equipment, general maintenance procedures, and inspection processes, including focus on an eight-step repair procedure and manuals. This class also encourages the soft skills needed in today's modern workplaces, such as attitude, ethics, professionalism, and on-the-job communication. The course includes individualized hands-on laboratory training utilizing live work.  NOTE:  Students registering for the course must have a valid driver's license.